Training on the Operation of Pressure Equipment

A natural person may operate designated pressure equipment only based on a certificate of verification of professional knowledge issued by a inspection technician of pressure equipment.

We provide training to persons for the operation of pressure equipment in this extent:

Sk. Ab1 stable pressure vessel, which contains harmless gasses, vapors or liquids with a temperature, which is higher than their boiling point under the atmospheric pressure (1013.25 hPa); with the highest work pressure of higher than 0.2 MPa; with a volume above 10 liters; and which conjunction of volume of the technical pressure equipment in liters and the highest work pressure in MPa (hereinafter referred to only as the “safety conjunction”) is greater than 20 (200).

Sk. Ab2 stable pressure vessel, which contains hazardous gasses or liquids under any temperature; which highest allowed pressure is greater than 0.05 MPa; with a volume greater than 1 liter; and the safety conjunction of which is greater than 5 (50)


Sk. Bf1, f2, f3 safety accessories of pressure equipment

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