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Fire protection

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Safety coordinator
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Health service

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Trainings and courses

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Load binder

Load binder's license or document from inspection technician?

Load binder’s license

A person needs load binder’s license if he binds a load to a crane with load capacity of over 1000kg.

(In accordance with Decree No. 508/2009 Coll. Group A a) cranes and hoists with motor drive, for example electric, hydraulic, with a load capacity of over 1,000 kg and cranes and hoists with human drive over 5,000 kg, including permanent crane track and temporary track boom type crane)

Document from inspection technician

A person needs  document from inspection technician if he binds a load to a crane with load capacity up to 1000kg.

(In accordance with Decree No. 508/2009 Coll. Group B (a) is a device that is 1. a crane and a hoist with a motor drive with a load capacity up to 1,000 kg inclusive and with a human drive with a load capacity from 1,000 kg to 5,000 kg inclusive, 2. a motor-driven hoist designed for lifting loads, a written document verifying professional knowledge prepared by an inspection technician is sufficient)

We offer:

  • training for the operatior licence load binder
  • regular repeated training  (pursuant to §7 of the Act No. 124/2006 Coll.)
  • updating professional training every 5 years (pursuant to §16 of the Act No. 124/2006 Coll.)
  • training to obtain document for bind load (up to 1000kg)
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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested.

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Conditions for enrollment in the course

Conditions for participation on the basic training:

  • min. 18 years old
  • medical examination  – doctor’s confirmation of fitness to bind load, not older than 6 months

Repeated training (minimálne 1 x 24 mesiacov)

  • curent licence – original

Updating professional training (1 x 5 rokov)

  • medical examination
  • curent licence – original
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